Mask off: The Benefits of Being You

Welcome to my blog where you can take off your mask and be YOU!

Our lives only improve when we are willing to take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” ~Walter Anderson


Take a moment to think about a world where no one cares about how much you weigh,  what type of clothes and luxury vehicle you may or may not be able to afford; a world in which the expression of self is the number one priority.

We as humans are designed by society to wear a mask to please and impress others. You may think you don’t wear a mask but YOU DO. Sometimes you switch your mask and you don’t even notice.

Let me ask you this: what mask would you choose if you were to put your friends, family members, co workers, boss and acquaintances all in the same room?

Do people encourage one another?

Do people admire the differences?

Are people just being awkward?

Benefits of Being Yourself

1.) Conserving Energy: Sometimes wearing our mask is draining to our mind, body and soul. Its more difficult to keep up with acting outside of our natural being. Remaining in tune with our true selves constantly re-energizes our spirit of individuality.

2.) Knowing Yourself = Confidence: Understand your personality traits, behaviors, values, beliefs, goals, needs and motives. Taking the time to search within in order to know your higher-self decreases uncertainty and increases your own confidence in the ability to accomplish whatever your mind can imagine. Believing in your individuality and your own uniqueness is the master key to your own confidence.

3.) Survival through Self-Care: The realization of our needs in regard to your mind, body and soul is important; knowing when to take care of each is a critical aspect for increasing the ability to be more of YOU. Do whatever is necessary in order to invest more time and energy into ourselves.

4.) Authenticity: When you express your authentic self to others you attract other authentic people. Wearing a mask of “fraudulence” in order to deceive only breeds more deception and a dishonest circle of friends, who may not have our best interests in mind. Be your authentic self in order to create your authentic reality.

5.) Fearlessness: Embracing who we really are and learning to face the fear of rejection through repetitions exposes our character to the ultimate test. Total freedom from fear sounds like a dream come true; as we become more of ourselves, the less we fear the criticisms of others.

Always be you, and be true to reach your full potential!

– Special thank you to “Goon” for assisting me with the realization of our true selves, feelings and individuality. Never stop being the person you are because you are wonderful. Love You!